Terms & Conditions

The following definitions apply to the General Conditions of Use set out below governing luggage storage and other services offered by Storage by Bookcozumel.com and operated by users of its platform.

Subjects of storage may be luggage, bags, packages or bicycles (folded in a bicycle case) and boxes.

Prohibited Items

  1. We do not allow storing objects prohibited by law or considered hazardous under the national law or whose packaging may be harmful to humans, the environment or to other stored luggage. Storage also doesn’t accept the following items: food, plants and live or dead animals; degrees and negotiable certificates (bills of lading); money (paper money, coins, credit cards, and traveler's checks); other non-negotiable money; material that could be defined as pornographic or indecent; material containing weapons or firearms; software containing high-value information; waste; political material; dangerous materials; drugs or psychotropic substances; bulk goods; documents, public or private offers of investments, revenue stamps, food stamps and fuel vouchers, etc.

  2. Storage by Bookcozumel.com is obligated and will immediately report and turn over such items to local and federal authorities.

Collection, Storage and Return

  1. Customer’s identification document (ID card, driving license or passport) is required to complete the check-in process.

  2. Please be aware that Storage has the right to ask you to open your luggage to make sure that no forbidden belongings are stored in your luggage.

  3. The company is not responsible for any previously missing or damaged items.

  4. Storage is responsible to label every luggage with Customers Name, Last name, check in date, total number of Items stored in the storage facility, email and a phone number and seal every item with a zip tie in front of the Customer.

  5. Once the luggage has been collected from the Storage, the luggage is at the customer’s risk.

  6. Upon collection of luggage from the shop, the customer is entitled to check for any visible signs of unauthorized access to the luggage during storage or damages to the luggage or its content. If there are signs that the baggage has been accessed or damaged or content in the baggage has been damaged during storage, the customer must instantly complain to the following email: info@storagecozumel.com

  7. Luggage is being hand-delivered exclusively to the person who has signed the document at the time of collection. Identification document is required.

  8. Storage facility is monitored by cameras 24/7 and only staff has access to the storage facility.

  9. If during reservation an emergency withdrawal of luggage is requested, after opening zip tie seal, a new zip tie number will be applied to this particular item.

  10. If for any reason Client can’t be present to pick-up his/her luggage, another person is allowed to pick-up the luggage as long as they provide the physical identification document of the Client or a picture of it and receipt.

Late Withdrawal

  1. Luggage has to be picked up by Customer on the same day within the hours of operation of the establishment or within 24 hours. Luggage picked up the next day will be charged full price.

Pricing and Discount System

  1. Our prices are exclusively listed instore and on the website www.storecozumel.com. and are subject to change.

  2.  If a change of price took place, it will not be applied to any existing reservation.

  3.  Discount system applies to luggage, bags, bicycles and boxes up to medium size (look boxes & packages size).

Payments and Refund Policy

  1. Online pre-payments are required to make a reservation on storagecozumel.com.

  2. All payments are non refundable without exceptions. 

  3. If Client is unable to arrive on the day indicated on his reservation, he/she is allowed to use the service within 7 days at no additional cost. 

  4. Payment information is not stored by Storage by Bookcozumel.com and cannot be read by our staff.

  5. Storage accepts cash and paypal payments. Change may be provided in Mexican currency (pesos MXN).

  6. If an emergency withdrawal of luggage took place before reservation expired, full refund is guaranteed for the days Customer didn’t receive Storage services.

  7. Refunds do not apply for early pick-ups in the day of check-in, flight cancellations, delays, change of mind and/or events beyond the control of Storage by Bookcozumel.com.

Forgotten / Found Luggage

  1. For security reasons, any item or luggage that is forgotten/found and not claimed will be removed from the facility 7 days from the end of the reservation.

  2. If shipping of a forgotten item is requested, the Customer shall bear all costs thereof, which shall be payable in advance. A fee of $100 USD will be required, plus shipping costs, which depend on the weight, destination and shipping method (ordinary post, DHL, etc.).

  3. Neither party is responsible for the other’s loss caused by force majeure.

Reviews and Complaints

  1. Client has the right to send an official complaint to the following email address: info@storagecozumel.com. Administration of Storage by Bookcozumel.com is responsible to solve the issue within 5 working days.

  2. Complaints are not accepted if: Client refused to check integrity of his/her belongings during check-in process; one of the prohibited items were placed in the storage facility; after Client signed Check-Out agreement; if Client didn’t collect his/her belongings 7 days after reservation expired.